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On New Year's Eve 2011 I had a stroke. As I lay in my hospital bed and watched the fireworks over Portsmouth Harbour, I promised myself that, if I recovered, the next year I would have a party. I did get through it and had the party on New Year's Day 2013. At that party I told my long-time writing friends that I was tired of hearing agents say, 'You write very well but...' and I planned to self-publish.

Two friends decided to join me on the journey and Pentangle Press was born. We are a self-publishing co-operative, pooling our skills to publish and promote our books. I am the copy editor and Wendy Metcalfe, with her lawyer's eye for detail, is the line editor. We are exceptionally lucky because Christine Hammacott (The Art of Communication) is a graphic designer who creates the most brilliant covers that show exactly what I want to convey.
Pentangle Press are now presenting workshops on self-publishing.


Carol Westron

Carol writes both contemporary crime novels and Victorian murder mysteries, although recently she have been seduced into writing comedy crime, The Curse of the Concrete Griffin, which she is currently working on. Most of her crime novels are set in the south of England. The contemporary police procedurals are set in fictional, south coast towns, but Strangers and Angels, her first Victorian Murder Mystery, is set in a factual place, the naval town of Gosport.


Christine Hammacott

Christine Hammacott writes psychological suspense thrillers. Her debut novel The Taste of Ash was published in 2015. Christine runs a graphic design consultancy, The Art of Communication in Southampton, Hampshire. She has worked in publishing creating book jackets for fiction and non fiction and offers this service to indie-authors through her business.

Wendy Metcalfe

Wendy Metcalfe trained as an English Solicitor (Attorney). She has an M.A. (Merit) in Creative Writing, and has taught creative writing for many years. Wendy's interests range from DNA and epigenetics to cosmology, ecology, artificial intelligence, wildlife conservation, and art. She is passionate about big cats, especially cheetahs and lions. She likes to explore the big picture in her books, and examine the human use and misuse of technology and the natural world.

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